Due to current varying circumstances, particularly in regards to regulations changing during the COVID19 pandemic, I have decided to not accept inquires earlier than three months before your estimated due date. This allows me to have better insight into my capacities as a doula in combination with other aspects of my personal and professional life.

The table below shows at which point I will accept inquires depending on the month of your estimated due date. 

If you are an expecting mother, please contact me only if your due date is in a month when I am still available. Please understand that if you contact me for support during a month I am already full, I may not be able to answer your inquiry promptly.

If I am no longer accepting inquires for your birthing time, please see my Network page to find other doulas in the Munich area.

February 2021CLOSED
March 2021CLOSED
April 2021CLOSED
May 2021CLOSED
June 2021CLOSED
July 2021CLOSED
August 2021CLOSED
September 2021Accepting inquiries starting June 1, 2021
October 2021Accepting inquiries starting July 1, 2021
November 2021CLOSED
December 2021Accepting inquiries starting September 1, 2021