“Love, breastfeed and carry your baby in a sling, close to your heart, for only he who has been loved tenderly as a babe in arms can grow up to be tender with the world.”

H.H. Dalai Lama


…is loving phyiscal contact and supports a child’s healthy development

…simplifies everyday tasks for parents and provides babies with comfort and security

…is a basic human instinct that satisfies both physical and psychological needs

…is more than just a technique, it is a positive symbol for life with children!

Individual Consultations
Finding the right way to carry your baby is something very personal, both physically and psychologically. The most important thing is to find the way that works best for you and your baby. During individual consultations, I am able to address your and your baby’s special needs and help you assess what wrapping technique or carrier will be the most comfortable for both of you, whether you carry for baby for 20 minutes or 3 hours!

Please contact me to set up a babywearing consultation.

When I finish a babywearing consultation, I want you to feel comfortable carrying your baby in your preferred wrap, sling or carrier. For this reason, I don’t charge for my consultation based on the hour. If your baby needs to cry or eat or you would like to try a wrapping technique one more time to make sure you go it, it will be included in the price of 80€ for a consultation. This also includes my availability via email or phone for any questions you may have after the consultation as well as travel expenses for Dachau (and the “Hinterlands”), Karlsfeld, Schleißheim, Moosach, Allach, Obermenzing, Untermenzing, and Pasing. For other locations in the greater Munich area, I charge an additional 10€ for travel time and expenses. If papa would like to participate in the consultation, there is an additional fee of 20€. I also offer group consultations (2 or more mothers and babies) for an additional 35€ per mother and baby.

If you are already my doula client, your first babywearing consultation is included in one of your postpartum visits!

Lending Library
The following wraps, slings and carriers are available for testing and lending:

Woven wraps
Didymos Geckos Macchia, size 6
Fidella Persian paisley, size 6 FOR SALE!

Lollik Vinder Winter Storm, size 6
Didymos Prima Prism with Linen, size 5
Fidella Outer Space lilac, size 4 FOR SALE!
Didymos Tobi with tassles, size 2
Didymos Die Trageschule® Dresden, size 2

Elastic wraps
Moby marina
Hoppediz blue stars

Ring slings
Didymos Prima Ring Sling FOR SALE!
Off-brand linen Ring Sling
Bumbaumel elastic sling, size XS

Mei Tais
Fidella FlyTai Babysize Rock n Rolla vintage FOR SALE!
XOXO Buckle Wrap
Homemade (by Darby!) Half-buckle Wrap Conversion (from Didymos Doubleface Rosalinde)

Ergo soft-structured carrier (original) + Newborn insert
Manduca soft-structured carrier
Hoppediz Bondolino sand FOR SALE!
Marsupi size S red
Lenny Lamb Onbuhimo toddler carrier FOR SALE!
Fidella Onbuhimo Rock n Rolla silver FOR SALE!

+ Nuroo Skin-to-Skin babywearing t-shirt

Lending is on a weekly basis and costs 10€ per week with a 50€ deposit, refunded upon return.

Classes and Drop-Ins
I offer group classes if you wish to improve or expand your babywearing knowledge (especially good for when you want to start wearing your baby on your back!). I also offer drop-in opportunities at various locations, at which you can try other wraps and carriers as well as get some tips and tricks for fine-tuning your technique.

Please check out my facebook page to see what babywearing events are coming up!