Getting started

Welcome and congratulations on welcoming the newest member of your family! Whether you just found out you are pregnant or have already brought your baby into this world, you are a great parent for looking into the support resources available to you!

Here’s how I would suggest you get started:

Start looking for a midwife
Germany is currently experiencing a baby boom and midwives receive inquires very early in pregnancy. Start looking into midwives who serve your area and contact them. My tip: call them on the phone instead of writing an email. Many midwives get multiple inquires per day and fill up quickly. If you have one on the phone and she says she is busy, ask her if she has a colleague you can contact.

You can also try these websites:

Come to my “Birthing in Munich” online info sessions
This is a information session I teach online intended to help you understand the German birthing culture and things you need to consider.

You can book your spot for this session at the Beratungsstelle für Natürliche Geburt.

Schedule a free initial consultation with me
This is a chance for us to get to know each other, for me to tell you about how I work as a doula and for you to ask any questions you have as you begin to organise having a baby in Munich. We can talk online for up to an hour and then I will let you know how we can proceed if you are interested in my services.

Contact me to set this up – I look forward to meeting you!

It’s also never too late to get a doula! I provide services after birth that support you in the postpartum period, with babywearing and with processing traumatic birth and loss.