Intro to Birth in Munich

Intro to Birth in Munich is a recorded online class for mothers and their partners who have just recently learned they are expecting a baby. Specific to the city of Munich, in this session I teach how to find resources and build support networks locally. This is particularly helpful for parents not yet familiar with the German birthing culture. I explain how the system of perinatal care works in regards to finding the right clinic, midwives and doulas.

In this mini course, I explain:

  • What a Hebamme is and how to find one (and why it is so hard to find one!)
  • What options you have when choosing a location for birth in Munich, this includes the different kinds of clinics, birth centers, and homebirth options in Germany
  • How your birth team and birth location influence your experience during birth
  • What you need to organize now to get a good start in pregnancy

Overall, you will learn the things you need to consider and organize at the beginning of pregnancy to give you a good start in preparing for birth. But don’t worry! If you are farther along in your pregnancy, you will still find lots of the course content informative and helpful!

I am currently recording the content for this class! Please send me a message through my contact page to stay updated and learn as soon as it is available.