The same as for mothers – behind every good doula is a strong support network. It is important to me to have colleagues, both English and German speaking, I can turn to when my resources are thin or I have reached my own professional limits. They also provide me with inspiration to aspire to continuously learn and improve as a doula.

Doula Networks

The Beratungsstelle für Natürliche Geburt (“Consultation Center for Natural Birth”) was founded in 1979 by five motivated mothers advocating for better birthing conditions in Munich. Today the center has over 50 consultants and teachers supporting women during and after pregnancy. It also serves as a network for mothers who need support finding midwifes, doctors who provide care during and after pregnancy (including specialists), clinics and other birthing options. I currently teach two courses here, one called “Birthing in Munich” for receiving information and asking questions as the beginning of pregnancy, and the other “Childbirth Preparation” for learning more about giving birth and the postpartum period. Classes in English are promoted on our facebook page.

The GfG-Doulas of Bavaria is a group of professional, training and experienced doulas supporting mothers in Munich and the surrounding areas. All of these doulas are certified with the German organisation Gesellschaft für Geburtsvorbereitung – Familienbildung und Frauengesundheit Bundesverband e.V. and are very familiar with the birthing culture in Germany. If I am unable to support you due to the very high demand for English-speaking doulas in Munich, I suggest you contact my colleagues here.

I am also a founding member of the International Doula of Munich, a group of passionate, like-minded birth professionals serving Munich and the surrounding towns in English, German and other languages. Our mission is to connect families to the support, resources, and education they are seeking in order to prepare themselves for the birth of their baby and becoming a parent. We understand the specific challenges that arise when you are pregnant or a new mom in a foreign country and we aim to help connect you to local community and feel more at home in Munich.

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