Maria – Munich, Germany

If someone were to ask me “what is the single most important thing you should do if you’re having a baby out of your home country,” my answer would, without a doubt, be: find a doula! Darby was our family doula for my second pregnancy abroad. Unfortunately, my first birthing experience was not how I had imagined it and I went into the second one anxious and on edge. Having Darby by my side made a world of difference. She supported both me and my husband while we navigated a complex health system and her emotional strength allowed us to make informed choices, under our own terms. I can positively say that it is mainly due to Darby’s support that we had a second birthing experience which was whole, positive and healing. During this journey, she was much more than a doula. She was an experienced partner, a supporting friend and a pillar of the mom-tribe we are missing here but sorely needed.