about darby

My name is Darby – I am a mother of three and certified doula and babywearing educator living and working in the Munich area.

I am specialised and experienced in the German birthing system and culture.

It is my belief that every new mother should have the support she needs as she learns to embrace her journey into motherhood.

My doula journey began in January 2016. As I became a mother myself and found my “mom-tribe,” I heard many negative birth stories and realized the strong need for doulas in Munich – for German mothers as well as mothers from different cultures unfamiliar with the language and birthing culture in Germany. I began my training with Childbirth International in January 2016 with the very goal of helping such mothers. In July 2018 I completed my German doula certification with the Gesellschaft für Geburtsvorbereitung (GfG) e.V.  In addition to being a passionate babywearer myself, I am also a certified educator with Die Trageschule® and offer babywearing consultations and classes.

How I came to Munich

After completing my degree in German Studies in the US, I moved to the Munich area in 2007 to work on my Master’s degree in Art History. I then worked in various fields of communication and marketing for museums and galleries before becoming a mother in 2013. Originally aspiring to be a doula for cultural and communicative reasons, I have learned how powerful birth can be through my three very different birth experiences.

My Personal Birth Experiences

Within moments of giving birth to my first child, my inner voice shouted out “I did it!” I had hoped for a natural birth, but did not put myself under pressure to have one, and through numerous challenges had managed to bring my daughter into the world without medical intervention. Having the support I needed and my voice heard and understood during birth proved to be the most empowering experience of my life.

My first birth made me proud.

My second birth made me humble.

My third birth confirmed my calling.

I am now a proud mother of three – two on earth and one in heaven. My oldest daughter is a very curious and energetic five-year-old and my youngest daughter just started crawling. Born between them is my son, stillborn at 40 weeks gestation due to complications with the placenta. He continuously inspires me to be a doula and to guide mothers towards having positive birth experiences, even during the most inconceivable of outcomes.

Persevering the anxiety of a pregnancy after loss, I welcomed my second daughter in autumn 2017. Due to the risks involved, she needed to be born via what I call the “6-Minute Cesarean.” But through this experience, I not only regained my faith in birth, but gained insight to the power of love a mother shows for her child when opening up to a belly birth.

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